My Badwater Ultra Marathon Experience

I will start by saying I had a great crew and even though I had to drop out of the race at Stove Pipe Wells we all had a trip full of memories to fill the next chapter in the book. Hemsley, Karen, Mary and Morgan thank you for everything. Dropping out of this race was a very difficult thing to do.....especially for me because I have been taught all my life that I can do anything, that pain is all in my head. Well these things are true, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances get in the way.
We didn't even complete the first mile before the skin on my amputated leg ripped off the bottom (residual affects from the damage done at Western States just weeks before). As a result of this, even though the rest of me was in great shape I had to pull from the race.
I wanted to hide in my hotel room and hop the first plane home but I didn't. Me and the crew went to the finish line and cheered the other runners on their way to a successful Badwater finish. Jamie....way to go! Anna-Marie way to kick it into gear and get up Mt Whitney and Hung it was great to see you again, the determination you displayed was humbling to say the least, I hope we race again soon.
Chris Kostman, thanks for an amazing race and the belief you have in a persons ability to go beyond what others think possible and Scott the guy in the kilt, you are the type of person who helps the runners continue to take another step, your spirit is contagious, you kept us girls laughing for hours.
ACtive fit-girl power!



HI AMY i have run badwater 7 times won it in 94 and 1995 ,i finished 4 times and dnf 3 so i know how you felt when you had to quit.
there are alot of great runners that dnf in the badwater so dont feel bad
i dont run much now but i plan on going back one more time.
do you know chris moon( from england) he ran with me with only one leg and one arm accross the sahara 150 miles and then ran the badwater 2 times even went back to badwater for a double.
i admire all ultra runners but you guys are something else it was great reading about you, looking forward to hearing more. take care. bill menard ultra runner aka wildman

You are such an amazing S*P*I*R*I*T!

Once again you teach me about being a winner...your grace and going the limit, showing up, no matter what the circumstances, so helps me when I face my own challenges. Thank-you for your honesty & authenticity. Yes you wanted to hide in your hotel room and hop the first plane home... but you didn't. You went to the finish line and cheered everyone else on. That's the real kind of W*I*N*N*E*R!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on showing up all the way! There are always seeming constraints. You find a way to have the most freedom possible, each & every day. May you heal quickly.


WS100 & Badwater

Congrats on your WS100 finish, Amy, and us ultra / trail runners back here in NW PA were all pulling for you at Badwater. Sorry to hear the skin didn't have enough recovery time between WS100 and Badwater.

I chased you at the 2006 Erie Law Day 5K but you left me in the dust the last half mile or so - great kick !

I hope that you'll think about doing our Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs in Titusville at Oil Creek State Park's Gerard hiking trail, especially if you can tie it in with a visit back home. Or appear at our pre-race pasta dinner on Friday evening Oct 15th - I'm sure the other ultra runners would LOVE to hear you say a few words.

Best of luck to you in the future, Amy !
Tom Jennings, Race Director
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